There are one hundred days until July 1st, the dead center of 2016. I am not anywhere close to accomplishing my goals for 2016. Not. Even. Close.

I’ve decided I am going to hit it hard the next one hundred days. Hard. I’ve got about a blue million things on my to do list and none of it is getting done. I’ve got writing goals and health goals and life goals and I need to get on this stuff.

So, here are my writing goals:

  • Develop 20 page submittable manuscript for workshop applications
  • Apply to three workshops
  • Gather all material into Scrivener
  • Write 500 new words a day
  • Gather and edit 10 pages every days
  • At 100 days, have 50,000 new words and a 100 page manuscript

So, that’s it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep on posting to One Sharp Dame daily or not. We’ll see. I feel good about doing this, though. And sometimes things come out that I didn’t know were inside of me.

One hundred days. We are going to kill this.