I have a streak going and I don’t want to break it. Forty days ago, I told myself I would write and/or publish every day and so far I have done it, every day. I don’t want to break my streak, especially today on the nice round numbered fortieth day but good Lord, I have nothing to say.

I don’t feel well, fight off my now traditional bronchitis at the turning of the season. Plus, truth be told, I think I’m a little hungover. And this makes me mad because I only had two glasses of wine and one glass of champagne over a four hour period yesterday. But so bet it. If you are looking for a new red wine varietal to try, might I suggest you try Gamay? It pairs well with a range of foods and it won’t blow out your taste buds if you drink it with a beginning course. Has a good balance, not too fruity and not tart. I think it may be the next Malbec.

I watched a documentary on the Hubble space telescope and its discoveries. If you’ve never heard of dark matter or dark energy, you should look it up. It turns out, we weren’t even asking the right questions, much less getting the right answers. And there is this interesting parallel between the dark energy of the wider universe and dark matter at the quantum level. Like the universe, most of what makes an atom is stuff we can’t even see or name or work out the rules for. BOOM! Mind blown.

Also, sometimes, turning down social invitations is the best kind of self care. However, other times, turning down social invitations is silly and self-defeating. Spend time with yourself and figure out how to tell which is which. It will make your life about a million times more wonderful.