I’m getting sick. I’m trying really hard not to but I think the sick may be winning. Or, I’m depressed. The two things can feel very much alike.

I’m going to keep on trying to not be sick or depressed until I get up one day and I no longer have to try to not be sick or depressed. That’s when I know I’m better, when I don’t have to try so hard.

If you are feeling sick or depressed and you don’t know which, there are some things you can do. Don’t read on a computer screen at night before you go to bed. The blue light of the LED screen fucks about with your brain chemistry and can make it more difficult to sleep. Don’t lay about in bed in the morning. When you wake up, sit up in bed, right then. It makes a difference. Try not to eat junk food. That’s three in the ‘don’t’ column.

In the ‘do’ column, drink cups of warm tea through the day with honey and lemon. It does all kinds of good things for you, both physically and mentally. Do try to get some sun, even if it means standing at a window. Take hot showers. If you are sick, all of these things will help. If you are depressed, all of these things will help. I promise.

Try these things. Be gentle with yourself. Be easy on other people, maybe they are feeling bad, too. We’ll get through all of this until one day, we won’t have to try so hard.

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