Wonder. Woman. Photo by Billy Kingsley for Kelly Gregory.

Wonder. Woman.
Photo by Billy Kingsley for Kelly Gregory.

I have ideas for at least four, maybe six, I don’t know, math isn’t my strong suit. I have these ideas rolling around in my head and none of them are fully formed and none of them seem to want to make the forming easy and I am at a loss as to what to do about it.

Thirty seconds of contemplating the above paragraph leads me to realize I have forty-eleven ideas, not four. There is Wonder Woman-symbolism thereof, theme song, increased pop culture profile, Waylon Jennings-totem, songwriter, reverence for Hank, Nora Ephron-appreciation thereof, learning there from, Joan Didion-not reading enough of, Stay Gold-entire category of shit rolling in my head for six months now. I have ideas for four more Cancer Explainers.

This morning, I cleaned my laptop keyboard. It took an hour. It was really dirty. I talked to a friend on the telephone. I’ve checked Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. I read Wikipedia. I lit my writing candle. My writing candle smells like a sexy man. It helps. I drank coffee out of my new Wonder Woman mug.

I got nothing. I can’t put the sentences together. And since I am trying to maintain new habits and produce writing in the morning, this is a problem. I have too many things to write about.

I am going to declare the morning a wash. I am going to publicly fail by admitting I can’t put two coherent sentences together and publish anything of merit before lunch and then I’m going to get on with my day.

Writing is difficult. Writing well is sometimes nigh on impossible. I am notorious, though, for holding impossibly high standards for my work. I don’t know if that is what I am doing now. I’m going to try some things. One of those things being lunch, possibly some television, and then have a go at this again.

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